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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

World News!

European Union
  • Plans for a special summit on a second Greek bailout ran off the rails on German refusal to participate.  The feeling of the German government is that Greece is funded until September, so why rush?
  • Prime Minister Naoto Kan has called for development of renewable energy sources in an effort to make Japan a nuclear-free nation.
  • Joji Morishita of the Institute of Cetacean Research has announced that their research fleet[1] will be returning to Antarctic waters to study whales[2], taking advantage of the fact that the International Whaling Commission allows member nations to issue "scientific permits" for the killing of a set number of whales.  Typically, the Japanese government issues "scientific permits" for several hundred whales per year.  Presumably, it feels the ICR is being ecologically friendly by recycling the dead whales into convenient single-serving packages.
  • An explosion hit a gas pipeline in northeastern Syria.  Official sources are reporting no casualties and only limited damage, and the cause is currently unknown.
  • Syria has condemned Secretary of State Clinton's remarks (stating that Brutal Dictator[3] al-Assad had "lost legitimacy" to rule and that he was "not indispensable") in the wake of the "completely spontaneous and absolutely not instigated by the Syrian government"[4] attacks on the French and US embassies in Damascus.
United States
[1]  A research fleet with harpoon cannons.
[2]  Specifically, to study how how the ability of whales to survive having harpoons fired into them, whether they taste better as a simple shabu-shabu or marinated in soy sauce, and then the most efficient means of packaging them for resale.
[3]  Oops.  I meant "President'.  Darn those typos.
[4]  Nudge, nudge.  Wink, wink.  Know what I mean?

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